goodbye boring kitchen hoods hello zephyr shade

Goodbye Boring Kitchen Hoods, Hello Zephyr Shade

Say goodbye to boring kitchen hoods and hello to Shade from Zephyr – Cheng Collection.

The Shade from Zephyr – Cheng Collection is a playful take on the range hood by visionary artist Fu-Tung Cheng. Cheng is known for many things; his timeless designs, innovative use of materials, and his innate ability to balance luxury and conscience.

Cheng outfitted Shade range hood with a customizable hinged panel; similar to a window shade, you can pull it down or leave it up. You can customize the look of Shade by choosing a variety of steel or bamboo front panels, or simply select your own materials to create the Shade of your dreams. The hinged canopy tucks away when not in use, further minimizing the appearance of any kitchen ventilation unit; this is not only appealing to the eyes, but accentuates the kitchen design and adds a creative element in your home’s evolving identity.

The Shade utilizes Zephyr’s innovative technology to ventilate air, introducing design to utility, and ensuring you smell the aromas off cooking, but not the grease.

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